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1/8th Scale Autonomous Vehicle

We're a team of Berkeley students that are creating a backpack-sized autonomous car to navigate the Berkeley campus.


All of our code for the AMAC car is publicly available on our AMAC Github

  • Hardware Included:
  • Ouster Lidar
  • IMU
  • 3 RGB Camera Assembly
  • Intel NUC
  • BLDC Motor
  • ESC - Motor Controller

Frequently asked questions

    What is AMAC?

    Autonomous Motion at Cal (AMAC) is a group of students that are working to make autonomous transportation possible. We are starting with creating backpack-sized autonomous vehicle that is able to traverse Berkeley's campus.

    Why are you building this?

    There is currently a huge influx of research resources into the autonomous vehicle space so we wanted to work on actualizing these research advances and make it more accessible for undergraduate students to work on.

    How can I learn more?

    We would love to talk with you about the project. Feel free to email trbrashears@berkeley.edu and malhar@berkeley.edu.